Will you sponsor father and daughter during their 12,5 km walk?

Samira Mellenbergh

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We've quite a bit of family and friends around us that either got Type 1 Diabetes at an early age, but also some that got it at a later age. There is still so much to research when it comes to finding a cure to T1D for everyone. 

Samira's personal motivation: Although I don't have T1D myself, I've seen both my parents getting T1D at a later age, which makes me wonder if I will get it too. Also, my mother in law got it at an early age, so what would that mean for my partner or future children? A world without the risk of getting T1D is still unclear.

Father and daughter will join the JDRF Walk Challenge of 12,5 km. Our walk will get us closer to a world without type 1 Diabetes. We'd love for you to walk with us! Or if you want to support us by sponsoring funds then that's also highly appreciated. Click on donate! Many thanks!

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