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Salesforce Netherlands for a world without type 1 diabetes! 

There are a lot of people around us, also colleagues, that struggle in their daily life with Type 1 Diabetes. If you think you missed the boat of not getting T1D at an early age, then sorry... you're wrong. Samira Mellenbergh's (Digital Account Executive Salesforce Benelux) father and mother got T1D at an older age (40+ years). Statistically seen the chances are significantly low that two people, from a total different background, in a marriage get it both! But it still happens and more and more people get T1D at a later age.

Last year Salesforce raised +400k USD for JDRF through our Californian team in which countries such as China, Australia, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands also contributed. This time we're trying to grow the JDRF Netherlands hub and we set a mission to collect 1.000 EUR with Salesforce! Father and daughter (Samira) will walk 12.5km to raise funds.

Will you walk with us? Any small donation will get us one step closer to a cure for T1D. Or if you'd like to spend your VTO hours walking with us, please let us know so we can walk together!

Many thanks!

Ps. the cuddly Golden Retriever, Charlie, in the video will give away free hugs during the walk, come say hello!

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11-06-2022 | 14:15 I have known plenty of people with Diabetes over the years, maybe some small amount will help to A. find a cure & B. help to find ways of easing the disease.
11-06-2022 | 11:12
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