What is the JDRF One Walk?

JDRF One Walk, is an event with one goal: taking steps towards a world without Type 1 Diabetes! 

These steps are being taken at multiple moments in time:

  1. In the months before the JDRF One Walk, everyone does their best to raise funds for Type 1 Diabetes research. People may ask family and friends for donations, organize their own fundraising activities or make their own donations. 
  2. At the JDRF One Walk event, all participants and their friends and family will come together in a beautiful setting, where we will celebrate everyone's effort. The highlight of the day is the JDRF Walk itself, where we will walk from Type One to Type None in 3 to 4 kilometers. At the end of the day we announce the total amount that has been raised by everyone's efforts for research for Type 1 Diabetes.