Tips and tricks for fundraising

A world without Type 1 Diabetes, don't we all dream about that?

You can help us make this dream come true by starting your fundraising page and sharing it with friends and family. You'll be surprised how many people want to support you!


You'll see many people you know will want to help you make Type One into Type None. Simply asking for a donation is therefore very effective. Take the following things into consideration and you can't go wrong:

  1. Make sure your fundraising page is complete with pictures and your personal story
  2. Write a short, motivating message with mention of your findrausing page
  3. Share your message online, through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email, WhatsApp,....
  4. Don't forget your offline contacts! Go through the neighborhood, ask people at work at the coffee machine and so on.
  5. Repeat! Write updates on your fundraising page and remind people of what you're doing.

Organize an activity

If you don't want to ask people straight up to donate, there are lots of other options to give something back to your supporters by organizing an activity. In the last few years, a lot of people organized something to raise money for Type 1 Diabetes research.

  • A party/BBQ/dinner/beer or wine tasting: buy supplies at a favorable rate, make sure your ticket price ensures profit and donate the profit to the JDRF One Walk
  • Lottery/Bingo/contest: try to get sponsored prizes and sell tickets for people to win prizes (if you do this on a very large scale, please be aware that you might need a permit)
  • Cooking workshops: teach people how to make the best apple pie they've ever tasted and ask for a small contribution
  • Cleaning marathon

Sponsor logo's on your page and team outfits

You can add logo's from sponsor to your fundraising page from local companies and organization who support you. If you're wearing team outfits, you can ask companies for a contribution in exchange for their logo on your outfits.

Bottle deposits

Every year, lots of people raise funds by asking their local supermarket if they can be the charity of the bottle deposit station. If people recycle plastic soda bottles, they get money back and they can choose to donate that money to JDRF and Type 1 Diabetes research. Not all supermarkets will want to join in but if one does, it could easily raise you a couple of hundred euros.

Flee market/King's day market

Do you have old or used stuff you never use anymore? Maybe you can sell it at a flee market or on King's day markets, and donate (part of) your profits to JDRF. It's also a nice way to spread awareness about Type 1 Diabetes and JDRF.


Maybe you don't have anything to sell, but you've managed to get something amazing to auction off: a soccer shirt of a famous player, concert tickets to One Direction, a trip in a Ferrari, a stay in your holiday home: whatever you can think of that might raise money. You can auction it off on your own Facebook page or start an account specifially for the JDRF One Walk.

Charity run at school

A lot of schools have yearly runs for charity. Why not ask if JDRF can be this years charity? If a school doesn't organize yearly runs, maybe you can organize one yourself? Send Ties an email for tips and tricks at


Most companies and organizations have some money available for charitable actions. Ask what your company's policy is at the HR department.

Rotary clubs are so called 'service clubs'. Members want to contribute to the world by physically or financially contributing to a charity. In the past, several JDRF One Walk fundraisers have raised money trough a service club in their town. Contact a board member of the local service club, tell them your story and see if they can contribute in any way.

Religious communities

Are you a member of a religious community like a church or a mosk? In many cases, they support members of their communities if it's possible. Ask around in your community if they are willing to contribute to your cause.

Use your network!

Maybe you don't have an employer, nothing to sell or auction off, or aren't a member of a religious community. Someone else in your network might be. Don't be afraid to ask if they want to help you to raise funds for T1D research.


Do you have another idea that's not in this list? Let me know!

Anna-Bo Bouwens

+3130 662 8260