We can do this together-JDRF 50 years!

Elisa K. Ahovuori-Motta

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Our goal is to live in a world without diabetes type 1. We will need to join forces and make it come true. Worldwide connections and research that brings people together: this brings us closer to our dream.

I believe that we have to forget about borders and obstacles and focus on what can be done together.

That is why I will join JDRF One Walk. With this event we can raise awareness and funds to join together and fight diabetes type1!

Would you want to join the fight to make turn it into a victory? You can donate via the donation button!

A million thanks!

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06-03-2020 | 08:17 Welcome to our Team Elisa, and good luck! Together we are changing type one into type none
05-03-2020 | 18:03