JDRF One Walk 2017

Saturday, June 17, 2017

12 - 5 PM

Slot Zeist


A world without Type 1 Diabetes, who doesn't dream about that? Together we can make this dream come true: by raising funds for the best researchers in the world. They, with our help, will turn Type One into Type None.  

How does it work?
In the months leading up to June 17, we can all contribute by, for example, asking friends and family for support, organizing our own fundraising event or donating to the cause. 

On June 17th, we will all come together to celebrate our joint effort, to learn more about T1D research, to have a great time, to play soccer with Ronald de Boer (former Dutch National Team) and of course to walk from Type One, to Type None.

Together we can turn Type One, into Type None.

How do I join?

Join now by clicking 'Start Fundraising' and start your own team. By sharing the URL, other people can make donations or contributions to your team. 

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