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I refuse to believe a world without Type 1 Diabetes is only a dream

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This is a Month of Awareness for Type 1 Diabetes, the auto-immune reaction that profoundly affects the life of little children, young adults, their parents and their partners - every day. JDRF's worldwide research to Cure, Prevent and Treat T1D means annual funding needs of $100 million - so every year. Better treatment changes lives immediately:  read what JDRF is achieving on in Dutch and in English. 


Every year another 100.000 children in the world develop the auto-immune type 1 diabetes. With over 500 research projects worldwide on various solution paths, JDRF is the world’s biggest nonprofit funder of type 1 diabetes research. Our ongoing projects involve Artificial Pancreas, Beta Cell Replacement/Regeneration, Complications, Glucose Control, Immune Therapies, Prevention, and Behavioral Health, read more on Research - JDRF. Our focus is on finding a cure; until we do, the advancements we’re making every day ease the burden of those living with the disease:

Recent developments in JDRF’s key areas:

  • JDRF-financed research in The Netherlands focuses on Cure (transplantation and protection of betacells in existing patients, read T1D onderzoek in Nederland | JDRF) and on Prevention (postponing or diverting the immune reaction triggers of Type 1 diabetes). Professor Bart Roep and Dr. Arnaud Zaldumbide discovered that T1D is not an immune system error, but relates to betacells. For a full update in Dutch on hibernating betacells, T1D and Coronavirus, listen back to Bart Roep. There’s also a deeper dive into Professor Paul de Vos’ prevention research focused on gut bacteria and the relevance of Vitamin D.
  • As for Treat, we know few people with T1D meet their target blood glucose levels. In a huge step towards more convenient and therefore consistent diabetes management, Dutch healthcare insurance companies now reimburse Continuous Glucose Sensors, think Freestyle Libre. Also, there’s a significant improvement in diabetes management though a nasal glucagon spray for severe hypos, this is also reimbursed by insurance. Other remarkable innovation includes Novo Nordisk, where scientists are developing a vaccine to control blood sugar levels in the bloodstream for type 1 diabetes. Notably, representing already 1 in every 4 diabetes patients in the world, China is accelerating innovation in diabetes drugs and vaccines. 
  • And of course we share where we can, started podcasts to stay connected during corona lockdown - and making best use of technology, JDRF and Rijksmuseum Boerhave in Leiden showcased improvements in diabetes treatment since the first insulin shot in 1921. Podcast serie: T1D de wereld uit | JDRF.

Among other improvements made possible by JDRF, the artificial pancreas stands out as a system that reduces HBA1c levels, reduces hypoglycemia and makes life a little bit easier. At JDRF, we have a number of other systems in the pipeline that we’re super excited about.

You can help get life-saving T1D therapies into the hands of people who need them.

Thank you so much for helping us make positive impact possible! 

Sincerely, Els

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