Ironman Kalmar, Sweden; August 21, 2021!

Joris Rijnders

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Triathlon with a mission! That is what I will be doing on August 21, 2021! Cause then I will join the well known Ironman triathlon. What to expect? Have a look here at the Race Movie of 2019; Ironman Kalmar. Beside 3,8 km of swimming and 180km of biking, I will also run 42,2km. I will combine this enormous challenge with raising money for research of Diabetes Type 1, one of the most comon chronic deseases in The Netherlands.

What I will be doing the next couple of months? Practice, practice and even more practice. I have done numerous half and quarter triathlons and about 30 half marathons so I will use a 20 week workout schedule to prepare my body for this non-stop challenge which should take roughly 13 hours to complete .

Every week I will have 1 day off and I kick-off training on Tuesday April 6.

Ironman, the Scandinavian department, will also share a monthly report on how I am doing in order to inspire future athletes. Beside that my Facebookpage 'Road to Ironman Kalmar 2021' and Linkedin will be my most important socials to share all I will be going through.

Thanks a million!!!

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Week 1 of training

12-04-2021 | 09:44 Yesterday I finished week 1 of 20 of training for the Ironman. It was a busy but great week. Did all the workouts and most of them were even 10% more so a good and solid start!! Today is my day off, tomorrow I will start week 2!
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